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Remodeling Tips for DIY – Do’s & Don’ts

While the idea of saving money by tackling the project yourself may seem appealing, there are many things that you cannot foresee by simply looking at your home from the outside. Here are some tips from the professionals at Reid Remodeling on how you can save yourself time and money with DIY Do’s & Don’ts:

DIY Do- Your Own Prep Work & Painting

If you are looking for ways to save money and don’t mind a little elbow grease, doing your own prep work and painting is a great way to save. This area is full of beautiful and unique historic homes, Portland remodeling contractors can spend hours or days cleaning surfaces, patching small dings, and painting walls or ceilings in your home. Choosing to do this yourself can limit the amount of hours that you will be billed for your project and, if you’re crafty, can also be fun! 

DIY Don’t- Handle Your Own Electrical Work

While it might seem tempting to replace electrical outlets or install light fixtures yourself, it is best to leave this up to the professionals. Not only can it be easy to make mistakes that could cost you extra time and money, it can also be extremely dangerous to do yourself. At Reid Remodeling, the only shock we want you to have is at how beautiful your home looks when it’s all finished! 

DIY Do- Purchase Your Own Product & Materials

When it comes to purchasing the product needed to remodel your home, such as light fixtures, paint, and finishes, this can be a great place for homeowners to save money by doing it themselves. As Remodel Contractors will include a price markup on the product they purchase for your project, purchasing it yourself not only allows you to shop around for the best deal but also ensures that you are not paying any additional cost for letting the pros handle it. 

DIY Don’t- Install Your Own Flooring or Set Tile

As fun as it may seem to install new flooring or set tile in your bathroom, it can also be a recipe for disaster. From incorrect placement and uneven surfaces, to bacteria growth, and dangers such as nails, this is definitely a job that we would not recommend to do yourself. We have all the professional remodel experience you need and want to get the job done with a finished look we know you’ll love. 

While there are many things a homeowner can choose to do themselves, at Reid Remodeling, we like to give homeowners the option to be as hands-on or hands-off as they choose! So look no further if you’ve been searching for Portland Kitchen Remodel Contractors or Bathroom Remodel Contractors!

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